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Ntech it solution is the best company in the Middle East in the services of surveillance cameras, security systems, electronic screens, web design and fingerprint devices

Step by step to excellence

2010 : the first in the world's manufacturing batteries systems  for surveillance cameras , which allows work even when the power is off for an hour or two without any impact on monitoring and recording video operation 

we  add a soft-ware field in our company 2011:

2012 : for the first time in the Middle East we designed a program to calculate the salaries through attendance devices.

2013 : for the first time in the Middle East, we have collected and designed  LED screens by LED Technology.

2014 : we've become one of the biggest companies that work in mikrotik network Systems

2015 : for the first in the world we can control in colors degree that in LED screens by using LED technology.

2016 : it has been created the first factor in Egypt that make an advertising vedio screens cells.

Ntech the best in the world


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